“Oh Pluto” Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

"Approaching Pluto" by Stuart Atkinson.

I’m as guilty as anyone for anthropomorphizing Pluto — as well as spacecraft like New Horizons, which is currently preparing to fly by the dwarf planet. But since spacecraft are really just extensions of ourselves, perhaps I can be forgiven for my non-scientific projections.

But now I know I’m among friends.

A new song by folk musician Craig Werth called “Oh Pluto” is “inspired by NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto and the quest for knowledge and understanding in the human spirit,” says Werth. The song underscores how we want to “grow our understanding, to learn all that we can.”

A noble goal, indeed.

Look for some familiar faces in the video.

Werth is joined on “Oh Pluto” by other notables Christine Lavin, Emily Bindiger and Grammy-winner, Julie Gold.

New Horizons is also inspiring other works of art, such as poetry by our pal Stu Atkinson who says “Soon we will Know You; soon we will swoon to pin-sharp views.”