cosmic rays

Finally an Answer to why Gamma Rays are Coming From Seemingly Empty Space

A galaxy survey has shown us the origin of gamma rays from empty space.

3 months ago

Cosmic Rays Erode Away All But the Largest Interstellar Objects

So far we know of only two interstellar objects (ISO) to visit our Solar System. They are 'Oumuamua and 2I/Borisov.…

3 months ago

Astronomers Locate the Source of High-Energy Cosmic Rays

Using a novel approach, a team of researchers has confirmed that the elusive source of cosmic rays is indeed supernova…

3 months ago

Astronomers Have Tracked Down the Source of High Energy Cosmic Rays to Regions Within the Milky Way Itself

Using a new observatory, a team of Chinese astronomers have found over a dozen sources of ultra-high energy cosmic rays.…

6 months ago

The Universe is Constantly Bathing you in Radiation. Incredibly, This Could be Used for Medical Diagnosis

Walk into any modern hospital, and you'll find a medical imaging department. Medical imaging uses x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),…

6 months ago

Balloon-Based Cosmic Ray Observatory is Now on its Second Trip Around Antarctica

The SuperTIGER-2 flight just completed its second tour around Antarctica in its mission to determine the origin and nature of…

2 years ago

When it Comes to Gamma Radiation, the Moon is Actually Brighter Than the Sun

The eerie, hellish glow coming from the Moon may seem unreal in this image, since it's invisible to our eyes.…

2 years ago

Science Laden SpaceX Dragon Set for Aug. 14 ISS Launch, Testfire Inaugurates Triad of August Florida Liftoffs: Watch Live

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – A triad of August liftoffs from the Florida Space Coast inaugurates Monday, Aug. 14 with…

4 years ago

Cancer Risk for a Human Mars Mission Just Got a Lot Worse

A new study by scientists from UNLV indicates that astronauts going to Mars will be at an increased risk of…

4 years ago

Space Station-Based Experiment Might Have Found Evidence of Dark Matter Destroying Itself

Two studies conducted independently of each other (using data obtained aboard the ISS) have provided a possible glimpse of dark…

5 years ago