cosmic dawn

Webb Sees Globular Clusters Forming in the Early Universe

Picture the Universe's ancient beginnings. In the vast darkness, light was emitted from a particular galaxy only 460 million years…

3 weeks ago

New Simulation Explains how Supermassive Black Holes Grew so Quickly

One of the main scientific objectives of next-generation observatories (like the James Webb Space Telescope) has been to observe the…

4 weeks ago

Supermassive Black Holes Shut Down Star Formation During Cosmic Noon

Using data from Webb's NIRSpec instrument, an international team has confirmed that quasars shut down star formation in galaxies billions…

8 months ago

Astronomers are Working to Put a Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon by 2025

Technicians at Berkeley Lab are building an experiment that will conduct radio astronomy on the far side of the Moon…

10 months ago

A New Telescope Could Detect Decaying Dark Matter in the Early Universe

A gap in astronomical knowledge is Cosmic Dawn, a time when the first stars in the Universe formed, ending the…

10 months ago

James Webb is a GO for Cycle 2 Observations!

The observation programs for Cycle 2 of the James Webb Space Telescope have just been announced, and they are a…

1 year ago

JWST Glimpses the Cosmic Dawn of the Universe

Thanks to the JWST, galaxies that existed during the Cosmic Dawn have been observed for the first time!

1 year ago

Here's How You Could Get Impossibly Large Galaxies in the Early Universe

A study by an Israeli team of astronomers offers a solution to the "impossibly massive" galaxies Webb observed.

1 year ago

Remember Those Impossibly Massive Galaxies? They May Be Even More Massive

A new analysis of those James Webb images showed that the galaxies it observed (deemed "too massive") could be even…

1 year ago

The First Stars May Have Weighed More Than 100,000 Suns

The universe was simply different when it was younger. Recently astronomers have discovered that complex physics in the young cosmos…

1 year ago