WISPR Team Images Turbulence within Solar Transients for the First Time

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has been in studying the Sun for the last six years. In 2021 it was hit…

1 month ago

Inside a Week to Totality: Weather Prospects, Solar Activity and More

Looking at prospects for eclipse day and totality.

2 months ago

The Search for the Perfect Coronagraph to Find Earth 2.0

Studying exoplanets is made more difficult by the light from the host star. Coronagraphs are devices that block out the…

2 months ago

Small Magnetic Fields Have a Big Impact on the Sun's Atmosphere

Surrounding the brilliant Sun is a layer of diffuse plasma known as the corona. You can't see it most of…

7 months ago

Solar Orbiter Continues to Get Closer to the Sun, Revealing More and More With Each Pass

On April 10th, ESA's Solar Orbiter made its closest flyby of the Sun, coming to within just 29% of the…

1 year ago

Coronal Loops Might Not Be Loops At All

We've all seen the gorgeous images and videos of coronal loops. They're curved magnetic forms that force brightly glowing plasma…

2 years ago

Parker Solar Probe Flies Through the Sun’s Outer Atmosphere for the First Time

For the first time ever, a spacecraft has flown through the Sun’s outer atmosphere. The Parker Solar Probe passed through…

2 years ago

Here are the First Pictures From the Parker Solar Probe. Wait… That’s Not the Sun

The Parker Solar Probe recently collected its first-light data in order to test its instruments, and snapped some beautiful pictures…

6 years ago

The Sun is Actually One of the Most Difficult Places to Reach in the Solar System. Here’s how the Parker Solar Probe Will Do It

The Parker Solar Probe, which will spend the next seven years getting closer to the Sun than any previous mission,…

6 years ago

What Was the Carrington Event?

In 1859, the Sun gave off the most powerful solar flare on record. A blast of radiation and particles so…

7 years ago