Commercial Space

NASA is Helping to Develop a Mach 4 Passenger Jet

NASA has completed a series of studies that evaluated the potential for supersonic air travel between Mach 2 and 4!

4 months ago

Threats From Above Lead the List of Space Concerns in New Survey

Sending astronauts to the moon is OK — but more Americans think NASA should instead put a high priority on…

5 months ago

Reusable Rockets Could Fly Back to Their Launch Sites With Wings

A study supported by the French Space Agency describes a "reusability kit" that will make any first stage booster retrievable.

5 months ago

ULA Test Fires its New Vulcan Rocket

The United Launch Alliance took a major step with the first successful test firing of the Vulcan first stage.

6 months ago

A New Launch Complex Opens Up in the Ocean

The Spaceport Company successfully tested its prototype mobile sea platform, launching multiple rockets from the Gulf of Mexico

6 months ago

The Private Axiom-2 Mission is Almost Ready to Fly to the International Space Station

SpaceX’s second private astronaut mission to the International Space Station (ISS), Axiom-2 aka Ax-2, which is sponsored Axiom Space, received…

7 months ago

NASA Wants New Ideas for Launching Lunar Payloads and Unlocking Climate Science!

The NASA Entrepreneur Challenge is seeking new ideas for delivering lunar payloads and advancing climate science.

8 months ago

What Would Asteroid Mining do to the World's Economy?

A new study by a team of Chinese researchers examines the impact asteroid mining with have on global equity.

1 year ago

A Year After a Failed Launch, Firefly Reaches Orbit and Deploys Satellites

Edited on 10/6/22 to add new information from Seradata. Commercial space company Firefly Aerospace successfully launched its Alpha rocket for…

1 year ago

Space Tourists Have Booked Their Next Private Mission to the International Space Station

In April of this year, the first all-private astronaut mission to the International Space Station was successfully conducted when Axiom…

1 year ago