Carina nebula

JWST Sees Furious Star Formation in a Stellar Nursery

The powerful James Webb Space Telescope is a mighty technological tool. Astrophysicists first conceived it over 20 years ago, and…

2 years ago

Here's a new Image of the Carina Nebula From Hubble

Like a famous (and photogenic) actor followed by paparazzi, the Carina Nebula is one of the most photographed objects in…

2 years ago

They’re Here! Check out the First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope!

The first images of the James Webb Space Telescope are here!

2 years ago

The Carina Nebula. Seen With and Without Adaptive Optics

Ever wonder how modern astronomical observatories take such clear images of distant objects? Advances in mirror design have allowed for…

4 years ago

Telescope Pierces into One of the Biggest Nebulae in the Milky Way to Reveal its Newly Forming (and Nearly Dying) Stars

A recent survey conducted using the ESO's VISTA telescope revealed newly-formed stars and stars nearing their death in the Carina…

6 years ago

The Carina Constellation

Located in the southern sky is the constellation Carina, which has several impressive stars and associated Deep Sky Objects.

7 years ago

Most Detailed Look Ever Into the Carina Nebula

[/caption] Like finding buried treasure, this new image of the Carina Nebula has uncovered details not seen before. This vibrant…

12 years ago

The Way Cool Clouds Of The Carina Nebula

[/caption] It's beautiful.... But it's cold. By utilizing the submillimetre-wavelength of light, the 12 meter APEX telescope has imaged the…

13 years ago

Hubble’s Amazing 3-D Look Inside the Dusty Carina Nebula

[/caption] What can we say? Another Hubble stunner, and just wait until you see flythough video below. This is an…

14 years ago

Stunning New Image of Wolf-Rayet Star and the Carina Nebula

[/caption] Massive stars live fast and die young. But they are also beautiful. This amazingly spectacular new image from ESO…

14 years ago