c-type asteroids

What Would Asteroid Mining do to the World's Economy?

A new study by a team of Chinese researchers examines the impact asteroid mining with have on global equity.

2 years ago

Samples of Asteroid Ryugu Contain More Than 20 Amino Acids

The samples obtained by Hayabusa2 have revealed that the Near Earth Asteroid Ryugu contains 20 strains of amino acids -…

2 years ago

New Study Says Primordial Asteroid Belt was Empty

A new study by a team from the University of Bordeaux has turned the Asteroid Belt's origins on its head,…

7 years ago

Huge Asteroid 324 Bamberga Makes a Return Visit to Earth’s Neighborhood on Friday the 13th

This week offers a fine chance to catch sight of a unique asteroid. 324 Bamberga reaches opposition this week in…

11 years ago