black hole mergers

Primordial Black Holes Can Only Explain a Fraction of Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter? That question is prominent in discussions about the nature of the Universe. There are many proposed…

1 month ago

Merging Black Holes Could Give Astronomers a Way to Detect Hawking Radiation

Nothing lasts forever, including black holes. Over immensely long periods of time, they evaporate, as will other large objects in…

2 months ago

Here’s Why We Should Put a Gravitational Wave Observatory on the Moon

Scientists detected the first long-predicted gravitational wave in 2015, and since then, researchers have been hungering for better detectors. But…

3 months ago

Black Holes Need Refreshing Cold Gas to Keep Growing

How were supermassive black holes able to grow so rapidly in the early Universe? Galactic mergers were believed to be…

4 months ago

Next Generation Gravitational Wave Observatories Could Detect 100-600 Solar Mass Black Hole Mergers

Humans are born wonderers. We're always wondering about the next valley over, the next horizon, what we'll understand next about…

8 months ago

Ultra-Massive Black Holes: How Does the Universe Produce Objects So Massive?

Black holes are the most massive objects that we know of in the Universe. Not stellar mass black holes, not…

1 year ago

When Black Holes Collide They Also Produce Neutrinos

Ever since astronomers first detected ultra high energy neutrinos coming from random directions in space, they have not been able…

2 years ago

Shortly Before They Collided, two Black Holes Tangled Spacetime up Into Knots

An international team led from Cardiff University has confirmed that black hole binaries experience precession.

2 years ago

Astronomers Discover two Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Each Other, Doomed to Collide in the Future.

Until recently, one of the closest orbiting each other pairs of supermassive blackholes was found in NGC 7727. That pair…

2 years ago

In Addition to Gravitational Waves, is There any way to Detect Merging Black Holes

If two black holes merge in the middle of space, and nobody's around to see it, does it really happen?…

3 years ago