Finding Life in the Solar System Means Crunching a Lot of Data. The Perfect Job for Machine Learning

There are plenty of places for life to hide. Even on our blue planet, where we know there is abundant…

3 weeks ago

Do Red Dwarfs Provide Enough Sunlight for Plants to Grow?

A new study has shown the photosynthesis can take place on planets orbiting Red Dwarfs.

1 month ago

Could Next-Generation Telescopes See That Earth Has Life?

While the Earth absorbs a lot of energy from the Sun, a lot of it is reflected back into space.…

2 months ago

How Could We Detect Life Inside Enceladus?

A new study provides estimates on what an astrobiology mission could find when it goes to Enceladus and samples its…

3 months ago

Here are Four Ways JWST Could Detect Alien Life

There are many ways that the James Webb Space Telescope could search for life. Here are four promising ones.

5 months ago

Webb Can Detect Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs, And Maybe Even See Signs of Life

In a recent study accepted to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of researchers led…

5 months ago

If Earth Were an Exoplanet, it Would Still be Tricky to Figure Out if There’s Life Here

How would Earth appear to alien astronomers? What would their observations tell them about Earth if they searched the heavens…

6 months ago

NASA has Built a Collection of Instruments That Will Search for Life Inside Europa and Enceladus

Scientists at NASA JPL and Colorado University have created a new instrument for finding signs of life, called the Ocean…

6 months ago

It’s Not Conclusive, But Methane is Probably the Best Sign of Life on Exoplanets

When the James Webb Space Telescope aims at exoplanet atmospheres, it'll use spectroscopy to identify chemical elements. One of the…

1 year ago

Next Generation Telescopes Could Search for Intelligent Civilizations Directly

We're still in the early days of searching for life elsewhere. The Perseverance rover is on its way to a…

1 year ago