NASA Tests a Prototype Europa Lander

NASA engineers are testing a prototype for a Europa Lander, which will search the surface of Jupiter's icy moon for…

2 weeks ago

Enceladus has All the Raw Materials for Life

Saturn's ocean moon, Enceladus, is attracting increasing attention in the search for life in our Solar System. Most of what…

3 weeks ago

Mini-Subs Could One Day Ply the Seas Under Europa’s Ice

The most promising places to look for life in the Solar System are in the ocean moons Europa and Enceladus.…

3 months ago

Has the First Biosignature Been Found on an Exoplanet?

Astronomers have found tentative evidence of a biosignature on an alien world, but we are far from proving that extraterrestrial…

3 months ago

The Most Compelling Places to Search for Life Will Look Like “Anomalies”

A new study considers how future astrobiology studies could search for life "as we don't know it" on exoplanets.

3 months ago

Venus has Clouds of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, but Life Could Still Survive

A new study has found that some of the building blocks of organic molecules could survive in Venus clouds, suggesting…

5 months ago

Finding Life in the Solar System Means Crunching a Lot of Data. The Perfect Job for Machine Learning

There are plenty of places for life to hide. Even on our blue planet, where we know there is abundant…

9 months ago

Do Red Dwarfs Provide Enough Sunlight for Plants to Grow?

A new study has shown the photosynthesis can take place on planets orbiting Red Dwarfs.

9 months ago

Could Next-Generation Telescopes See That Earth Has Life?

While the Earth absorbs a lot of energy from the Sun, a lot of it is reflected back into space.…

11 months ago

How Could We Detect Life Inside Enceladus?

A new study provides estimates on what an astrobiology mission could find when it goes to Enceladus and samples its…

11 months ago