Will We Know if TRAPPIST-1e has Life?

The search for extrasolar planets is currently undergoing a seismic shift. With the deployment of the Kepler Space Telescope and…

1 month ago

The LIFE Telescope Passed its First Test: It Detected Biosignatures on Earth.

We know that there are thousands of exoplanets out there, with many millions more waiting to be discovered. But the…

3 months ago

If Exoplanets Have Lightning, it’ll Complicate the Search for Life

Discovering exoplanets is almost routine now. We've found over 5,500 exoplanets, and the next step is to study their atmospheres…

3 months ago

What Could the Extremely Large Telescope See at Proxima Centauri's Planet?

Astronomers discovered a rocky exoplanet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun. Could there…

4 months ago

The Next Generation LIFE Telescope Could Detect Some Intriguing Biosignatures

JWST has shown that it can detect various chemicals in the atmospheres of other worlds, from water vapor to carbon…

4 months ago

NASA Tests a Prototype Europa Lander

NASA engineers are testing a prototype for a Europa Lander, which will search the surface of Jupiter's icy moon for…

6 months ago

Enceladus has All the Raw Materials for Life

Saturn's ocean moon, Enceladus, is attracting increasing attention in the search for life in our Solar System. Most of what…

7 months ago

Mini-Subs Could One Day Ply the Seas Under Europa’s Ice

The most promising places to look for life in the Solar System are in the ocean moons Europa and Enceladus.…

8 months ago

Has the First Biosignature Been Found on an Exoplanet?

Astronomers have found tentative evidence of a biosignature on an alien world, but we are far from proving that extraterrestrial…

8 months ago

The Most Compelling Places to Search for Life Will Look Like “Anomalies”

A new study considers how future astrobiology studies could search for life "as we don't know it" on exoplanets.

9 months ago