binocular comet

Comet E3 ZTF Brightens as the First Good Comet of 2023

The first good comet of the year, Comet E3 ZTF is a fine object for northern hemisphere observers in January.

1 year ago

Comet Y4 Atlas in Outburst: First Good Comet for 2020?

Good news: Though we’ve been going through a cometary dry spell as of late, we may have our first good…

4 years ago

Comet U1 NEOWISE: A Possible Binocular Comet?

Well, it looks like we'll close out 2016 without a great 'Comet of the Century.' One of the final discoveries…

7 years ago

Comet US10 Catalina: The Final Act

Comet C/2013 US10 Catalina puts on its final act this week through late January, as it crosses through northern hemisphere…

8 years ago

Comet Jacques Brightens: How to See it in May

A recently discovered comet is headed northward and is set to put on one of two fine performances for binocular observers…

10 years ago