binary systems

A Star Has Been Found That Pulsates, But Only on One Side

An international team of astronomers have found the first-ever example of a pulsating star that emits energy from only one…

4 years ago

Bizarre Double Star System Flipped its Planetary Disk on its Side

An international research team recently found a binary star system with a debris disk that orbits around their poles.

5 years ago

Closest Star Around A Black Hole Discovered

Imagine being caught in the clutches of a black hole, being whirled around at dizzying speeds and having your mass…

7 years ago

How Do Stars Go Rogue?

Rogue stars are moving so quickly they’re leaving the Milky Way, and never coming back. How in the Universe could…

9 years ago

The Shrinking Doughnut Around a Black Hole

[/caption] Homer Simpson would be sad: recent observations of the binary system of a black hole and its companion star…

14 years ago