Even if you can’t see Auroras, You Can Sometimes Hear Them. Here’s What They Sound Like

Auroras are some of Earth’s most spectacular natural phenomena. Travelers come from far and wide to see the incredible Northern…

2 years ago

Mars Has Auroras Too, We Just Can’t See Them

Our eyes can't see them, but Martian auroras are there, and more commonplace than we once thought. The Martian auroras…

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Did You Know that the Earth Loses Several Hundred Tons of Atmosphere to Space Every Day?

Scientists have known for some time that Earth's atmosphere loses several hundred tons of oxygen each day. They understand how…

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Watch the Sun to Know When We’re Going to Have Killer Auroras

Scientists are getting better at predicting colorful auroras here on Earth by closely watching the behavior of the Sun.

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Big Solar Storm Coming Our Way, Now’s Your Chance to See Auroras

NASA just observed two powerful flares emitted off the Sun. Now's your chance to see some auroras, if the full…

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What is the Weather like on Jupiter?

Like Earth, Jupiter experiences weather patterns. The only difference is that - as with everything else on Jupiter - they…

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Stunning Auroras From the Space Station in Ultra HD – Videos

Stunning high definition views of Earth’s auroras and dancing lights as seen from space like never before have just been…

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What Glows Green In Space?

While a quest for green beer in space would be difficult, we're happy to report there are other ways you…

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