Afghanistan Students for the International Olympiad in Astronomy & Astrophysics Need Your Help

The 16th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) will be held this year in Silesia, Poland on August 10-20,…

10 months ago

Light Pollution is Out of Control

Concern over global light pollution is growing. Astronomers are noticing its growing effect on astronomical observations, just as predicted in…

11 months ago

Bringing the Gift of Hope to Ukrainian Kids through Astronomy

Through education, virtual tours, and outreach programs, Earthlings Hub is inspiring Ukrainians orphans and refugees to reach for the stars!

11 months ago

ESO is Using a New System to Allocate Telescope Time. It’s Working Well

Most astronomers know the struggle of getting time on the world's most powerful telescopes. Even though this observing time might…

1 year ago

Three Fast Radio Bursts Punched Right Through a Nearby Galaxy

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are cosmic mysteries that are slowly but surely revealing their secrets. These bright flashes of light…

1 year ago

Artificial Intelligence Produces a Sharper Image of M87’s Big Black Hole

Astronomers have used machine learning to sharpen up the Event Horizon Telescope's first picture of a black hole --- an…

1 year ago

Hubble’s Orbit Has Dropped So Far that Starlink Satellites are Photobombing its Images

Astronomy is poised for another leap. In the next several years, major ground-based telescopes will come online, including the Extremely…

1 year ago

Magnetars are Extreme in Every Way, Even Their Volcanoes

In a recent study published in Nature Astronomy, an international team of researchers led by NASA and The George Washington…

1 year ago

Many of the World’s Greatest Observatories Suffer from Some Light Pollution

In a recent study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, an international team of researchers examined…

1 year ago

JWST Pioneer Passes Along Advice for Future Space Telescope Builders

After a quarter-century of development, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is a smashing success. But senior project scientist John Mather,…

1 year ago