LookUP to Find Astronomical Objects

Sky map of Epsilon Aurigae

Have you heard about LookUP? Stuart Lowe from the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics created this web tool to provide quick access to information about the the position and other details of specific astronomical objects. Instead of having to go search through an astronomical database, all you have to do is type in the name of the object (this doesn’t apply for spacecraft) and LookUP contacts the relevant astronomical databases for you and provides info such as right ascension and declination. There’s also mobile version, an application for iPhones, and a widget for your desktop. The newest tool will thrill all the astronomy Twitterers out there. Rob Simpson from Orbiting Frog fame created a Twitter account for LookUP. All you do is send a tweet to it with the name of your object, and it will send you the info and a link with for further information. For example, I wanted to know where Asteroid Apophis was, and LookUp Tweeted back: Apophis is at RA 10:35:13.594 dec 07:37:40.210 More info http://bit.ly/1aVqzG (that is valid for the time I sent the Tweet.) Check it out; it’s all very quick and easy and wonderful for all you stargazers out there.