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NASA’s New Lunar Spacesuit is Going to be a Lot More Comfortable for Astronauts

NASA is developing new spacesuits for their Artemis program. The new suits will give the astronauts greater mobility, will be…

2 months ago

NASA has Picked the Companies That’ll Help Build its Lunar Landers

NASA has chosen 11 American companies to help them build the next lunar landers that will carry humans to the…

7 months ago

Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 22, 2017: Andy Weir and ARTEMIS

Hosts: Fraser Cain ( / @fcain) Dr. Paul M. Sutter ( / @PaulMattSutter) Dr. Kimberly Cartier ( / @AstroKimCartier )…

2 years ago

New Camera Aboard APEX Gets First Light

And the "Cat's Paw" was waiting to strike! In this exceptionally detailed image of star-forming region NGC 6334 we can…

6 years ago

ARTEMIS Spacecraft Curlicuing Their Way To Lunar Orbit

[/caption] From a Goddard Space Flight Center Press Release: They've almost arrived. It took one and a half years, over…

8 years ago

Earth Orbiting Satellites Maneuvered to Now Study the Moon

In another case of NASA reusing and recycling spacecraft, two of the five THEMIS spacecraft -- which were studying the…

9 years ago