A New Way to Make Precise Maps of the Lunar Surface

There was a time when maps of the Moon were created from telescopic observations and drawings. Indeed Sir Patrick Moore…

2 weeks ago

Lighting Up the Moon’s Permanently Shadowed Craters

The Moon's polar regions are home to permanently shadowed craters. In those craters is ancient ice, and establishing a presence…

1 month ago

Lunar Explorers Could Run to Create Artificial Gravity for Themselves

Few things in life are certain. But it seems highly probable that people will explore the lunar surface over the…

2 months ago

Start Your Engines: NASA Picks 3 Teams to Work on Lunar Terrain Vehicle

Some of the biggest names in aerospace --- and the automotive industry --- will play roles in putting NASA astronauts…

2 months ago

NASA Continues Testing its New Lunar Spacesuits

NASA’s Artemis mission objective is among other things, to get human beings back to the Moon. Much of the attention…

4 months ago

This is How Astronauts Would Escape from the Artemis II Launch Pad

Space exploration is a tricky and at times, dangerous business. The safety of the crews is of paramount importance and…

5 months ago

NASA is Pushing Back its Moon Landings to 2026

I wasn’t around for the Apollo program that took human beings to the Moon. I would have love to have…

5 months ago

Plants Could Grow in Lunar Regolith Using Bacteria

A team of Chinese researchers has shown how fertility can be boosted for plants grown in lunar soil.

7 months ago

NASA Wants to Learn to Live Off the Land on the Moon

In preparation for the upcoming Artemis missions to the lunar south pole, NASA recently solicited a Request for Information (RFI)…

7 months ago

We Don't Know Enough About the Biomedical Challenges of Deep Space Exploration

Although humans have flown to space for decades, the missions have primarily been in low-Earth orbit, with just a handful…

9 months ago