Artemis II

NASA Astronauts are Trying Out the Starship Lunar Elevator

As NASA continues to ramp up efforts for its Artemis program, which has the goal of landing the first woman…

6 months ago

NASA Astronauts Get a New Ride at Kennedy Space Center

In its continued support for the Artemis missions, a three fully-electric, environmentally friendly, and specially designed vehicles were recently delivered…

11 months ago

Meet the Four Astronauts Who’ll Fly Around the Moon for Artemis II

The four astronauts chosen for NASA's Artemis II mission will check off a string of firsts during their flight around…

1 year ago

Artemis II is Literally Coming Together

NASA engineers have completed assembling the core stage of the Artemis II rocket, which will launch in 2024.

1 year ago

We’re Going to see at Least Five More SLS Rockets Launch in the Coming Years

NASA’s continued goal of sending humans into deep space using its Space Launch System (SLS) recently took a giant leap…

1 year ago

Orion Splashes Down in the Pacific Ocean, Completing the Artemis I Mission

The Artemis I mission has splashed down, ending its mission and validating the technology that will take astronauts back to…

2 years ago

A Canadian Astronaut Will be on Artemis 2, Making it the Second Nation to Send Humans Into Deep Space (but not Walk on the Moon)

NASA and the Canadian Space Agency have announced that a Canadian astronaut will fly as part of the Artemis II…

4 years ago