Artemis Base Camp

Some Lunar Regolith is Better for Living Off the Land on the Moon

In a recent study, a geology professor developed a classification scheme for lunar regolith that could inform everything from base…

9 months ago

NASA is Sending Humans Back to the Moon, But it Won't Stop There. Next Comes Mars

NASA has released its Architecture Concept Review, which outlines the elements needed to accomplish it's "Moon to Mars" objectives.

1 year ago

The Moon Could Have Gathered Some of its Water from the Earth’s Atmosphere

Our Moon is a fascinating world that has captivated us since time immemorial. Long before the first telescope was invented,…

2 years ago

NASA Announces 14 New “Tipping Point” Technologies for its Lunar Exploration

NASA recently awarded contracts to fourteen companies to develop technologies that will help them return to the Moon, and stay…

4 years ago

NASA Chooses 10 Projects that Will Help it Live Off the Land… on the Moon

NASA has announced that it is investing in ten small business concepts that will allow astronauts to explore the Moon…

4 years ago