Grab Your Smartphone And Become A Citizen Scientist For NASA

NASA's new GLOBE Observer app allows users to observe the sky in their location and share the data with NASA.

8 years ago

Be Part of the First Mission to Pluto with the Free Interactive ‘Pluto Safari’ App

If you’re like us, you’ve been following the news closely as the New Horizons mission speeds towards Pluto. Want to…

9 years ago

App Review: Earth or Not Earth

The folks at Cosmoquest have released a cool new citizen science app for Android! "Earth or Not Earth" allows players…

11 years ago

Giveaway: Sky Live for iOS5 and Up

A new app called "Sky Live" was just released  from Vito Technologies and it will save you countless planning hours…

11 years ago

New Android App Makes it Easier to Use Your Phone While Stargazing

Ever have to take a call while stargazing, or do you use astronomical apps on your phone, only to have…

11 years ago

Giveaway – Sky Guide App for your iOS device.

"What is that constellation up there - it is right on the tip of my tongue," is not something you…

11 years ago

Giveaway: Pocket Universe App for Your iOS Device

The name says it all - Pocket Universe answers every question you have and never knew you had about the…

11 years ago

Giveaway: Luminos App For Your iOS Device

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand on the surface of Mars, or stare up at…

11 years ago

Want To Live On Mars Time? There’s An App For That

Screenview from Mars Clock, available from the Apple Store, that displays Mars time. You've listened to all of JPL's Curiosity…

12 years ago

Venus Transit — There’s an App for That!

[/caption] There have been only six Venus transits since the invention of the telescope in the early 17th century. It…

12 years ago