2014 MU69

Arrokoth is Covered in Bizarre Mounds

When New Horizons flew past Arrokoth in 2019, it revealed close-up images of this enigmatic Kuiper Belt Object for the…

8 months ago

New Horizon’s Flyby Target 2014 MU69 Gets its Official Name: Arrokoth

The KBO formerly known as Ultima Thule (2014 MU69) has officially been named "Arrokoth", the traditional Powhatan-Algonquin language.

5 years ago

The Latest Images of Ultima Thule are in, and they are the Sharpest Yet!

The latest images taken by New Horizons of Ultima Thule are the most detailed to date, and are providing new…

5 years ago

New Horizons took this shot of MU69 as it sped away from its encounter

The latest images to come from the New Horizons mission show that Ultima Thule (the first KBO to be studied…

5 years ago

New Horizons’ Next Flyby Target Just Got Weirder!

In preparation for their historic flyby with a KBO, the New Horizons team conducted observations that indicated that the target…

7 years ago

New Horizons Team Already Finding Surprises on Next Flyby Target

While the New Horizons spacecraft was heading to Pluto, scientists from the mission used Hubble and other telescopes to try…

7 years ago

An Astronomical Detective Tale and the Moon of 2007 OR10

It isn't every day we get a new moon added to the list of solar system satellites. The combined observational…

7 years ago

A Bored New Horizons Spacecraft Takes Part Time Job To Fill The Time

As it makes its way towards its next destination in the Kuiper Belt, the New Horizons probe has been given…

7 years ago

A Farewell to Plutoshine

Sometimes, its not the eye candy aspect of the image, but what it represents. A recent image of Pluto's large…

7 years ago

Peering for Pluto: Our Guide to Opposition 2016

The coming month is a great time to cross Pluto off of your observing life list, with our complete guide…

8 years ago