Hubble Sees Intense Auroras on Uranus

French astronomers discover the brightest auroras on Uranus ever seen, and they look ... weird.

5 years ago

The Orbit of Uranus. How Long is a Year on Uranus?

A year on Uranus lasts almost as long as a century on Earth. And because of its extreme tilt, its…

5 years ago

Sweet Sights for November Nights

Clear night ahead? Let's see what's up. We'll start close to home with the Moon, zoom out to lonely Fomalhaut 25 light…

6 years ago

The Planet Uranus

The gas giant Uranus is the third largest planet in our Solar System, has many moons, a ring system, and…

6 years ago

Ice Giants at Opposition

It seems as if the planets are fleeing the evening sky, just as the Fall school star party season is…

6 years ago

Tricks to Remember the Planets

Need an easy way to remember the order of the planets in our Solar System? The technique used most often…

6 years ago

Moonspotting-A Guide to Observing the Moons of the Solar System

Like splitting double stars, hunting for the faint lesser known moons of the solar system offers a supreme challenge for…

6 years ago

How Many Moons Does Uranus Have?

Like all the gas and ice giants of the outer Solar System, Uranus has an impressive system as moons, of…

6 years ago

Uranus’s Moon Oberon

In 1610, Galileo's observed four satellites orbiting the distant gas giant of Jupiter. This discovery would ignite a revolution in…

6 years ago

Slender Moonspotting, Occultations, Daytime Planets and More

One of nature’s grandest ‘occultations’ of all is coming right up this Friday, as the Moon passes in front of…

7 years ago