Star Formation

The Most Massive Neutron Star has been Found. It’s ALMOST the Most Massive Neutron Star That’s Even Possible

Neutron stars are the end-state of massive stars that have spent their fuel and exploded as supernovae. There's an upper…

1 year ago

Newborn Stars in the Orion Nebula Prevent Other Stars from Forming

The Orion Nebula is one of the most observed and photographed objects in the night sky. At a distance of…

2 years ago

New Research Reveals How Galaxies Stay Hot and Bothered

It's relatively easy for galaxies to make stars. Start out with a bunch of random blobs of gas and dust.…

2 years ago

We May Soon Be Able To See the First, Supergiant Stars in the Universe

We need to talk about the dark ages. No, not those dark ages after the fall of the western Roman Empire.…

2 years ago

Supermassive Black Holes can Turn Star Formation On and Off in a Large Galaxy

A new study by a team of international astronomers has provided the first direct evidence that supermassive black holes affect…

3 years ago

Saturn Rides Bareback On The Galactic Dark Horse

Yippy-ki-yay! Saturn rides the back of a prancing pony across the evening sky. See it the next clear night.

3 years ago

The Sun Probably Lost a Binary Twin Billions of Years Ago

According to a new study by a research team from UC Berkeley and Harvard, our Sun may have had a…

3 years ago

Into The Submillimeter: The Early Universe’s Formation

A new study of distant, early galaxies helps us understand the early days of our Universe.

4 years ago

Terzan 5 May Unlock Secret to Milky Way’s Past

A team of astronomers have discovered a globular cluster that stands out as distinct from all others -- a fossil…

4 years ago