Two English Companies are Cooperating to Bring a Novel Antenna Architecture To Space

Technology Readiness Levels (or TRLs) are commonly used in the space industry to determine what level of development a technology…

9 months ago

Researchers are Working on a Tractor Beam System for Space

Human technology is crossing another threshold. Tractor beams have been common in science fiction for decades. Now a team of…

9 months ago

Building a Satellite out of Wood? Use Magnolia

Typically when you think of a satellite, you think of a metal box with electronic components inside it. But that…

9 months ago

An Innovative Heat Shield That Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced Between Missions

A revolution in space manufacturing is coming. Enabled by cheaper launch costs, companies are scrambling to take advantage of easier…

9 months ago

Pale Blue Successfully Operates its Water-Based Propulsion System in Orbit

New in-space propulsion techniques seem to be popping out of the woodwork. The level of innovation behind moving things around…

11 months ago

An Alternative Theory of Inertia will Get Tested in Space

This summer, the first all-electric thruster will be tested in orbit. This technology could revolutionize commercial space as know it!

11 months ago

Strange Green Lines Above Hawaii was Probably a Chinese Satellite

Every once in a while, the stars (or, in this case, satellites) align, and keen observers can receive an unexpected…

12 months ago

Are There Better Ways to Communicate with Mars?

Mars is a long way from Earth, making it challenging to communicate with. That difficult communication is becoming ever more…

12 months ago

Hubble’s Orbit Has Dropped So Far that Starlink Satellites are Photobombing its Images

Astronomy is poised for another leap. In the next several years, major ground-based telescopes will come online, including the Extremely…

12 months ago

A Russian Satellite Has Broken Into Pieces, Littering Debris in Space

A Russian KOSMOS 2499 satellite broke up last month -- for a second time -- according to the Space Force's…

1 year ago