Soar Over Ceres With New Images From the Dawn Spacecraft

There’s one thing that could mean the end of the Dawn mission: if the hydrazine fuel for its maneuvering thruster…

5 years ago

Phenomenal New View of Ceres ‘Lonely Mountain’ Reveals Signs of Volcanic Activity

An amazing new view of Ceres' Ahuna Mons reveals it as a towering volcanic dome likely composed of salty mud.…

5 years ago

Large Impact Craters on Ceres Have Gone Missing

Scientists have found a bit of a mystery at the dwarf planet Ceres. In the rough and tumble environment of…

5 years ago

NASA Approves New Horizons Extended KBO Mission, Keeps Dawn at Ceres

In an ‘Independence Day’ gift to a slew of US planetary research scientists, NASA has granted approval to nine ongoing…

5 years ago

Dawn Just Wants To Make All The Other Probes Look Bad

The team in charge of NASA's Dawn mission have asked to extend the spacecraft's journey to a third destination.

5 years ago

Landslides and Bright Craters on Ceres Revealed in Marvelous New Images from Dawn

Now in orbit for just over a year at dwarf planet Ceres, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft continues to astound us with…

5 years ago

Best NASA Images Yet Of Ceres’ Brightest Spot

New images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveal spectacular new details in Ceres' intriguing "bright spots".

5 years ago

Vesta Rules the February Dusk Skies

Now is the time to catch sight of the asteroid 4 Vesta, as it pairs with Uranus and several stars…

5 years ago

Flyover Video of Ceres Shows the Grandeur of Space Exploration

Wow. This video will knock your socks off ... at least it did mine. This new flyover video of Ceres…

5 years ago

Dawn Spacecraft Unraveling Mysteries of Ceres Intriguing Bright Spots as Sublimating Salt Water Residues

With NASA’s Dawn spacecraft set to enter its final and lowest orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres, spectral measurements are…

6 years ago