Here’s How You Can Help

I’ve got to say I definitely feel appreciated maintaining this website and newsletter. I get lots of supportive email every day – my boosted ego thanks you (keep it coming, though). Since it’s largely a one-man show, people have been wondering how they can help out. Well… I’m glad you asked, here are some ways you can help me maintain and improve Universe Today.

Tell your friends about the site. Point them at a specific story, or forward them a copy of the newsletter and encourage them to subscribe.

Suggestions and feedback. More eyes will make the site better. If I’ve made a mistake, or you’ve got an idea on how I can improve things, please let me know.

Join the forum. Help answer questions and discuss events with other space enthusiasts. Many hands make light work.

Donate. Click this link to donate money directly to me with Paypal. This will help cover my server hosting costs and hire freelance writers to make the site better.

Support my sponsors. As Christmas approaches, consider giving space-related gifts to the people you love. If you buy presents from companies like Countdown Creations, it supports me too. Here’s some information if you’re thinking of advertising.

Thanks again!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

P.S. To combat SPAM, I’ve shut down all my email addresses except for [email protected][email protected] no longer works.