3D Screensaver of Mars

I know you all like pretty pictures on your desktop, so here’s something that’ll help fill your bottomless need for photos. The European Space Agency releases screensavers from time to time filled with photos taken by their spacecraft. This one’s a little different, though, it’s a screensaver that displays 3D images. In order to properly see the perspective in the photo, you need a pair of those 3D glasses… you know the paper ones with a red and blue lens that you can get at 3D movies or with some books.

Download the screensaver. – 1.4 MB

It’s actually a good idea for you to keep a pair of these glasses on hand by your computer. Mars Express, Spirit and Opportunity can take pictures in stereo, so you can see a 3D view of what the Red Planet really looks like. You should be able to find a pair of glasses at your local bookstore. And here’s a website that’s giving away free 3D glasses.

Have fun,

Fraser Cain
Universe Today