Phases of the Moon: Now on iPad

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve extended the functionality of our Phases of the Moon App so that it’s now working on Apple iPads (iPad 1-4 and the iPad Mini). To take advantage of the bigger screen real estate and higher resolution of the iPad, we’ve increased the resolution.

If you’ve already purchased our Phases of the Moon app on iPhone, you can just install the app on your other iDevices. If not, come on, it’s only $.99 and it’s super cool.

Click here to access Phases of the Moon in iTunes.

P.S. We just updated the Android version too. 🙂

One Reply to “Phases of the Moon: Now on iPad”

  1. It looks great on my ipad3,but since i have the wifi version only,it did not find my location.Any work around that,or plans to implement manual location setter in the future?

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