Virtual Star Party – Nov. 4, 2012: The Blue Snowball Edition

Another fantastic Virtual Star Party, with 5 telescopes revealing an amazing view of the night sky. We saw several favorite objects, like Andromeda, the Elephant Trunk Nebula, the Heart and Soul Nebulae, the Double Cluster in Perseus, and the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules. Mighty Jupiter made an appearance right at the end, and we saw several new objects, including the Blue Snowball Nebula, and a collection of little star clusters.

I highly recommend you check out the Event page for this episode. There are dozens of great pictures posted from the event for your viewing enjoyment.

Astronomers: Gary Gonella, Bill McLaughlin, Roy Salisbury, Stuart Forman, and Chris Ridgway

Commentary: Dr. Thad Szabo

Host: Fraser Cain

Pinwheel Nebula by Gary Gonella

Jupiter by Chris Ridgway

Blue Snowball Nebula by Stuart Forman

3 Replies to “Virtual Star Party – Nov. 4, 2012: The Blue Snowball Edition”

  1. NICE! Good job you guys! Like you, I really liked the view of the ‘Snowball’ nebula. I’m going to have to look that one up soon. Look up at that one? LOL! After so many views of the summertime Milky Way of the weeks, you’ve covered many/most of the sights! Now all we need is a nice comet to show up! Yeah, yeah maybe something out of the ordinary, like Comet Lovejoy or Comet Holmes? I like cometszuh!

  2. What the hell was that sound at 23:30 ? I was listening to this wonderful podcast in my bed and it scared the sh@/& out of me! Creepy!

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