New Updates for our Mobile App: Phases of the Moon

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve released several updates for both the Android and iPhone versions of the Universe Today mobile app: Phases of the Moon.

This is our handy mobile app that shows you a photorealistic view of the Moon’s current phase. You can seek forward and backwards in time, and drag the phases of the Moon around like you’re spinning a ball.

It’s both beautiful, and functional, and we’re really happy with it. And the people who have purchased the app on the Google Play store are really happy too. Check out the average 4.9 star ratings.

What’s New on Android
On Android, we’ve added several features, like Moon rise/set times, the distance to the Moon, updated second by second, and the ability to seek the next full Moon/new Moon. We’ve got a cool desktop widget and the ability to rotate into landscape mode.

What’s New on iPhones
For iPhones, we’ve completely rebuilt the app from scratch in native C code for iOS. This was an enormous amount of work, but it’s totally worth it.

Just like the Android version, you can drag the Moon’s terminator back and forth, pulling it through its phases. It’s useful – and cool. The iPhone version also has a monthly calendar view, and more.

Where you can buy it
The app is only $.99 on both the Google Play store or the iTunes store and is compatible with every device we’ve been able to get our hands on.

If you want to support Universe Today, buy a copy of our app, and tell your friends, it’ll really help us out.

Fraser Cain
Publisher, Universe Today

P.S. We’ve got an iPad version in development too, which should be available in a few weeks.

2 Replies to “New Updates for our Mobile App: Phases of the Moon”

  1. I wish you guys would fix the overlay advertising for this app. Any time I try to read your articles through my news reader on my phone, the app expands to take up the entire screen… I can move about the article in that I see a slight (maybe 5 pixel wide) piece of the screen on the right scrolling by… the app ad stays in place rendering the site useless.

    This is being done on an android phone with the default news reader.

  2. I whole heartedly agree. I have a very similar experience on my Kindle Fire with the Pulse news reader app. It doesn’t cover the whole article just the heading picture and sometimes the 1st paragraph. It is still very frusterating seeing as how the app isn’t available in Amazons app store so if I click on the thing all I get is an error saying the app isn’t available for my device.

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