Minute Physics: Real World Telekinesis

How do magnets affect things at a distance? How does the Sun heat our planet from 93 million miles away? How can we send messages across the world with our cell phones? We take these seemingly simple things for granted, but in fact there was a time not too long ago when the processes behind them were poorly understood, if at all… and, to the uninformed, there could seem to be a certain sense of “magic” about them.

This video from MinutePhysics, featuring director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Neil Turok, illustrates how our understanding of electromagnetic fields was developed and why there’s nothing magic about it… except, perhaps, how they pack all that excellent info into 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Video: MinutePhysics (Created by Henry Reich.) In conjunction with The CBC Massey Lectures.

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  1. Sigh. Telekinesis is to do with mental power moving objects and nothing to do with magnetism.

    Also stealing ideas and famous quote from the late Arthur C. Clark seems a little naughty, don’t you think?

    1. What use are quotes if you can’t use them? Besides, I think pretty much everyone here has already heard the “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” statement enough to allow for casual off-hand references.

      Besides, telekinesis, broken up into its word components, only means “movement at a distance.” Which electromagnetism does quite well.

  2. Science writer Jim Baggott in his recent book on the Higgs discovery notes that the magnets incorporated at the Y-12 facility at Oakridge, Tennesse were 250 feet long and weighed between 3,000 and 10,000 tons their strength was such that employees could feel the pull of magnetic force on the nails in their shoes, and female staff straying too close to the magnets would occasionally lose their hairpins. Their construction at the time exhausted America’s supply of copper and the U.S. Treasury had to loan the Manhattan project 15,000 tons of silver in order to complete the magnetic windings. The electromagnetic isotope separation facility at Y-12 began operation in November 1943.

  3. Photon is responsible to create magnetism. For example:
    Determination of Bohr magneton in Hz.
    Coulomb Law is applicable to magnetic force between two poles as F = m1 x m2 / 4 Pi mu r^2. If m1 & m2 two magnets responsible to produce 10^6 each at a distance 1 meter, then we will get 6.3325×10^16 photons and in terms of hertz it is 1.4255×10^10 Hz. where, the value of Bohr magneton is 1.4152×10^10 Hz, This facts written in my book Complete Unified Theory, Page- 296-300 ( Total page – 424, 1998) Other examples are there. I found that, photon is really responsible to create magnetic filed. This is the birth of magnetism.
    Nirmalendu Das
    Dated: 08-10-2012.

    1. Yep pile up a bunch of hype words, invent some big numbers that have no units. Throws in a bunch of random formulas and claim that you have to solution for everything.

      None of words in your comment have any meaning.
      And no promoting a personal book is not allowed here

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