Virtual Star Party, Sep. 16, 2012: The Dark Time Edition

No pesky Moon to drown out our view of the night sky this week, so it’s time to delve deep into the faint dark sky objects.

We were down to a single telescope this week for our Virtual Star Party… but what a telescope! Gary Gonella took us through a massive series of objects, rapid fire, with Nicole, Scott and Thad bringing the science.

Host: Fraser Cain

Telescopes: Gary Gonella, Roy Salisbury

Commentators: Scott Lewis, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci, Dr. Thad Szabo

We have a Virtual Star Party on Google+ every Sunday night when it gets dark on the West Coast of North America.

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If you’re an astronomer with the ability to stream images from your telescope into your computer, we’d love your help. Just email Fraser Cain at [email protected] and I’ll help you connect up your view into a Virtual Star Party.