As Requested, Bigger Photos

Thanks for all your feedback, I really appreciate it. I can’t believe how positive everyone was. The common thread was: “you’ve got a good thing going… don’t mess it up”. I get the message. 🙂 One thing people did want to see; however, was a way to enlarge pictures even more (will your insatiable hunger for images ever be fulfilled?). It was easy to do, so I’ve made the change with today’s issue. When you look at the full story, the big picture is clickable, and takes you to an even larger version of the image, so you can look at more detail, or turn it into a wallpaper (right-click and then select “Set as Wallpaper). Then just click back in your browser to get back to the story. Any further expansion of images would probably destroy the Universe, so we’ll just keep it as is.

If anything else springs to mind, please let me know.


Fraser Cain
Universe Today