Surprise Shuttle Landing Video!

Talk about the shot of a lifetime! A Canadian airline passenger waiting on the tarmac at JFK this morning got an incredible view of the shuttle Enterprise landing! Just…wow.

Video by YouTube user “daujla2”. (Hat tip to the New York Post.)

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  1. Sheesh, it’s big news for New York City to be home to the Enterprise. I for one always watched the takeoffs and landings of the Space shuttles during their lifetime. And I was equally as well greatly saddened by the loss of two of them and their astronauts. We’ve received so much from their missions, plus much more than we’ll ever know from their top secret missions. The ISS and Hubble would never have happened if it weren’t for the shuttles and their crews. I eagerly await the chance of photographing it while is in its new exhibit home.

  2. If you want positive press for your space program, you’re never going to have a decent one.

    Routine, ordinary, every day events don’t make news. 150 years ago, when pioneers set off from St. Louis in covered wagons, don’t you think people turned out to see them go, seeing in them symbols of adventure and discovery? If you throw all your household crap in a moving van in St. Louis today and head out for Dallas, will anyone besides your friends turn out to see you go?

    People used to line the piers to see ships leaving and coming in to port. Who goes to the airport these days to watch planes take off?

    The space shuttle was supposed to make spaceflight routine. It never managed that, but that was the goal. Need a satellite or a science experiment put in space? We’ve got an opening in three months for something with your specs.

    If you want a space program where things go up routinely, where work gets done, then you’re going to have to accept that it’s going to be boring.

  3. What an amazing site to watch such a powerful plane transporting another plane on top. I always find this web site very interesting and enjoy coming to visit here and to read all the interesting articles about what is going on with the latest space craft or planets.

  4. Bye bye flying brick with extrusions that gave you a sense of direction …

    Now to wait for the space cone follow up.

  5. I was connecting through the El Paso airport once, looked out my plane window over at the adjacent Air Force base, and there was a shuttle on top of a 747 on its way back from Edwards to Kennedy.

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