Astronomy Cast, Ep: 258: Viking Landers

Last week we talked about the orbiter portion of the Viking Missions. But that was only half the adventure. Each Viking spacecraft carried a lander as well, which touched down on the surface of Mars, searching for evidence of past and current life. And what they discovered is still up for debate.

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8 Replies to “Astronomy Cast, Ep: 258: Viking Landers”

  1. Any chance you may provide these extended Google hangouts in .mp3 format? I still prefer listening to these in the car or in bed.

  2. Where are episodes 256 and 257? is still showing the latest as episode 255, observing hydrogen

    1. 56 is linked in astrospherevides on youtube, but 257 eludes me as well. I LOVE listening to these and have been Jonesing as have we all and I hate not listening in sequence… I’M GOING NUTS!

      1. OK… can’t find anything per 257! I’ll watch it out of order… *shakes fist at disorganized scientist archetype* lol!

  3. Observing Hydrogen is the last one I have as well. I haven’t seen a new podcast in a month. I also haven’t caught this podcast with iTunes.

  4. astronomy cast doesn’t have the latest shows!! What is going on? and where can I find ep 256 and 257?

    1. They are no longer in iTunes. You can download them, but them they will not be listed in your “podcasts.”

      1. They are still showing up in my iTunes; but slower than here. #256 (Resolution) just posted there today.

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