Still Concerned About 2012?

Don’t be.

Don Yeomans, senior research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, was kind enough to address some common questions regarding 2012, such as the much-misunderstood Mayan “long-count” calendar, Nibiru, pole-reversal and other such purported “doomsday” devices. Check it out.

Still set on the world ending come Dec. 21?

Back off, man. Don’s a scientist.

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  1. we’ve advanced into the space age, just not psychologicaly. Ah well, how much money can society earn on advancing that one aspect of humans. Oh wait, propaganda would get laughed at if we did.

    1. Intellectually, more like it. I can’t speak for any countries other than the one I’m intimately aware of…USA’s, but at least here, intelligence has been under siege for some time now, and the war is only heating up. Can’t think = can’t tell the horse-dookie one’s being fed. Simple political propaganda propagating against the proletariat to prolong the pow-wow of the powers that be…

      1. There has been a dumbing down of the American mind for the last three decades. I think this stems from a number factors; the rise of religious beliefs, the disillusionment with power structures and a sense of powerlessness by people, and I think a converse corollary by those in power towards an interest in promoting a social sphere of confusion by which those in power can more easily manipulate society. There is in the USA a social mindset towards the popularity of “homespun wisdom,” ole fashioned world views (gimme that ole time religion etc) and a general redneck attitude. Notice the southern folksy projection by those running for the GOP primaries. Gone are the days of Augustinian prose and speech, last heard by FDR — and a bit by Kennedy. This is further promoted as some “free speech issue,” where some idiot’s idea about Nibiru is equal to anything coming out of the astronomy field. As a result we have a society that is besotted with highly ignorant people and thinking.


      2. One of the worst results of such behavior is that it’s been swallowed hook, line and sinker by many of the country’s young people. “Can’t I have my opinion?” is a common cry by teens and young adults now, when confronted on their (often erroneous) conceptions on things… things that could be straightened out with just a little research and trust in those with professional, long(er)-term experience doing such research. But no, they construct an opinion and stop there… just as they’d been taught for years by schools, parents and the pandering media. It’s a shame, since we now live in a time where real information is immediately accessible From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

      3. I think one of the healthiest mental exercise anyone can go through is to be told clearly why they are wrong, and then admit it. I think it is tragic to see people cling to various ideas adamantly no matter how flawed they are.


      4. Is the ‘Dummy Down’ effect an active mechanism for the promotion of hopelessness?

        Were we to believe broadcast news affiliates literally then we would indeed be a nation of idiots. Do NOT believe these ‘cherry picked’ lies! ‘Control’ by insinuation is a common propaganda technique. aka – “There is no hope, we are a nation of fools!” Truth or fiction?

        Or, “How can we ever figure this mess out? It’s far too complicated!” No it ISN’T…. but there are entities who might PROFIT by perpetuating this myth. The purpose in propagating these belief systems is to create confusion and doubt. Whereupon, one group or another appears to actually know things… Like the republican party? Yah shore… dzzzzz

      5. Youtube is actually one of the biggest sources of this dumbing down.

        The lack of good and reliable scientific sources and the flooding if thousands of crazy conspiracy video’s, mostly done by a handful of people.

        It is actually the science community fault to not take time and effort in debunking the crazy Youtube clips, and waited too long. Now we are being flooded with 10 to 1 anti-science clips.

        Another source of dumbing down is the 2012 and crackpot ads that you find everywhere, including here on Universe Today. I do agree that ads income is important but, the site becomes worthless when there are more crazy 2012 ads than real science articles. Some filtering should be added.

      6. As usual you hit the nail right on the head. I can excuse stupidity, but not ignorance… The US media COULD do much more (actually their job) to inform of FACTS, for some reason I cannot fathom, they don’t(?).

      7. Commentary about who Brad Pitt is bedding is more exciting the the masses than actual news. The advertisers are paying for viewers, not truth.

      8. Is it really the dumbing down of American minds, or is it more to do with the fact that more Americans (who should know better) are willing to capitalize on the stream of credulous thinking that has always been around? After all, snake-oil salesmen and sideshow tent faith healers aren’t exactly new phenomena in America society, and UFO sightings have been with us for over 50 years.

        I agree that Americans today have little excuse for falling for this 2012 nonsense given the access they have to so much great scientific information via the Internet and other media outlets, but I don’t believe they are any more susceptible than previous generations were.

        So I think the difference is that the snake-oil salesmen and other charlatans (including many politicians) also have access to a much broader audience through the Interwebs and the various social media outlets they have spawned, and they have become extremely adept at using them. They also benefit from the fact that they can show the gullible that they have a large following — so they must be on to something, right?

        As with most technologies, the Internet is a double-edged sword, and it will always be a battle to fight down the crazy that thrives within its series of tubes.

      9. Propaganda isn’t all about war, its stuff that kept Hubble in space for that much longer. And in this case, skyrocketed interrest in Mayan Culture. Unless you happen to know someone who actualy believes the world will end? Than I’ll apologize.

  2. It is in the governments and the corporations interests to harbor a cult of stupidity for the majority of American citizens. For example: listen to some of the explanations we are given for price hikes and extra fees by the banks, cable companies, etc etc. It usually goes something like this, “These increases are to insure a more stable service, greater service, better protection of whatever. Like my Dad used to say; “Don’t piss on my foot and tell me it is raining!” Sadly some people will swallow anything and pass it forward as Truth from on high.

    1. “Sadly some people will swallow anything and pass it forward as Truth from on high. ”

      No it is the reverse.
      Those so called truth seekers believing the crackpot theories are the ones being misguided.

      Yes the government will not say everything, they are politicians. Politicians are never to be trusted, but the conspiracy theorists clips are really fine art of brainwashing people into believing things that are completely impossible. You should analyse how they use scary music, scary images , quote mining, and video montage to brainwash.

  3. Too bad the producer of this video can’t tell apart Mayas and Aztecs – the calendar stone shown to “illustrate” the Maya calendar is an Aztec one, and the Aztecs didn’t use the Maya long count that this 2012 nonsense is all about. A very unfortunate mistake as the semi-educated 2012-ers will note this and conclude that Yeomans doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Lesson: when debunking nonsense in public you have to be extra careful …

    1. (a) I doubt many 2012-ers will notice the mistake and (b) even if they do, if they believe that the whole video can be dismissed because of that one error, then nothing short of living through an uneventful Dec 21st 2012 will persuade them that they are wrong.

      The biggest question I have is what date comes next in the annals of pseudoscientific nonsense. 2032 (Unix bug) is still too far away for people to make money out of selling books — they need something around 2020 – 2025 — i.e. close enough for people to be worried about it but far enough away so there is time to develop a new mythology around it and sell a bundle of books.

  4. At present givin pace and timing, we will be having a world war in november/december +/-. With block-aids and stand-offs occuring regularly. National threats of war and religious intolerance escallating exponentially, we will have to see the end result. It is assumed the calander is about space and time.Perhaps their calander is more about the concience of mankind. it would take approxamately this long to self destruct?

    1. Oh come one please.
      WW III has been predicted to happen every single month of the last 50 years.
      They all failed.

      1. I agree. The Doomsday Clock’s predicts that the end of the world is only 5-15 minutes over the years.

        A flawed timepiece if I ever saw one.

    2. Or perhaps the calendar is just that, an ancient calendar with no predictive powers whatsoever, nor any consequences.

      Acient made up shit is no better than recently made up shit.

      1. If the truth be known the same people( european bankers) are in control in europe and US through the federal reserve banks here and there. The same bankers that are investing in china now. soon the will be owed a huge debt from china as well.

      2. This old chestnut again:

        There is one book you may want to read on the subject. It is called A FOREST OF KINGS: The Untold Story of The Ancient Maya. Page 82 is of interest:

        “In the near future Maya time also approaches one of its great benchmarks. December 23, 2012, will be 4 Ahau 3 Kankin, the day when the 13 baktuns will end and the Long Count cycles return to the symmetry of the beginning. The Maya, however, did not conceive this to be the end of this creation, as many have suggested. Pacal, the great king of Palenque, predicted in his inscriptions that the eightieth Calendar Round anniversary of his accession will be celebrated eight days after the first eight-thousand-year cycle in the Mayan calander ends. In our time system, this cycle will end on October 15, 4772.”

        For what it is worth, 4 Ahau 8 Cumku will come on “a day when the ninth Lord of the Night was ruling.”

        Sadly, before we poured over their writings in an attempt to foretell our fate, their ancestors interpreted our writings rather more successfully to foretell their own doom–or so it seemed, as on page 378, where we pick up where the movie Apocalypto left off, as it were:

        “Worse than looting the temple–other pirates had done that–these men had raised up the World Tree in the form of a wooden cross. They had opened a book–small, black, and poorly painted, but still a book–and read from it in their unutterable tongue. The chilan, his city’s prophet and interpreter for the gods, had watched….shaking his head in fear and wonder. Naum-Pat shuddered with the horror of the memory of what the strangers had done. As he did so, the words of the famous prophecy of the Chilam Balam went through his mind

        ‘Let us exalt his sign on high…Great is the discord that arises today. The First Tree of the World is restored…this is the sign of Hunab-Ku on high. Worship it Itza’….you will worship the true god today…You will be converted to the word of Hunab-Ku…'”

        “Naum-Pat had watched in stunned disbelief as the strangers threw down the kulche’, the images of the gods, in the Holy House…They had put up the Yax-Cheel-Cab, the First Tree of the World. Like the chilan, Naum-Pat had seen the raising of the Tree as a powerful portent, but somehow the strangers black book had frightened him more…only real human beings, only Maya, had books…It was the books that Naum-Pat feared, for with books came true knowledge, knowledge that could vanquish his people’s present and capture and transform their future.”

        Of course, the strangers sophistry made slaves of the doomsday prophecies to bend the citizens to their will, so as to fit into the western church’s apologetics–but the real lesson is clear:

        If you spend enough time in woo-woo land, and look for the end-times long enough–you will generally find them. Bill Maher came to the same conclusion in his movie:

        In the age of nukes, we can no longer afford the self-fulfilling prophecy:


      3. I think for 2012 the EU is the bigger risk. That may change by end of the year but I don’t foresee the US debt causing concern until a much later time.

  5. I’m deeply concerned. 🙁 Dr. Pamela Gay, will you heal me with your impressive charisma, knowledge and happy smiles? 🙁

    Anyway, how many new UT fans do we gain with such articles?

  6. I have been waiting for Dec. 2012 since 1968. It is simply the “Age of Aquarius” we are entering. So I will–as planned years ago–don my Nehru shirt, put on my Love beads and count myself lucky to have lived to see the day. Peace to you all.

  7. did i miss understand him when he said poler shift changed about 750,000 years ago and its normally only a half million year cycle (500,000 years)?

    1. No Bill, I had the same question. Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice. Does this mean we are overdue?

      I do believe his explanation about what would happen if it did shift though.

    2. A Pole shift does not mean it will magically happen on one single day, or week or year or tens of years. A pole shift is a very long process which takes many hundreds of years.
      You will never experience it in your lifetime.

      1. Actually you’re partially wrong, the poles are moving, right now towards russia, at about 40 miles per year. The one thing I’ve been wondering is what, if any, effct will there be on our technology. They say that humans have been around for a few pole reversals already, but always completely skip the fact that we are utterly dependant on electricity now. There are also ideas that a pole reversal could leave the earth’s magnetic field weakened for a while. This would be fine if we all lived in 3rd world countries, but for the modern world this could mean chaos. Even if the current movement is normal pole drift, the fact still remains that a reversal is coming and we are not getting less dependant on electronics.

      2. Why would a pole shift effect electronics? The only period of concern would be the randomization period. During this time, fluctuating areas of the Earth’s surface may be somewhat more vulnerable to solar radiation. This would likely cause short periods of intermittent radio interference.

      3. My point is simply that we’ve already seen what a solar flare is capable of doing, 1989 Quebec, and that was with a healthy magnetic field. No body really knows what happens durring a pole reversal. What if the magnetic field weakens considerably or completely fails and, by some cruel twist of fate, the earth takes a hit with even a moderatly sized flare? Seems to me, we would all be pretty screwed. I’m not saying that we need to be preparing for this right now, but at some point in the future someone will. Assuming we don’t nuke ourselves before then.

      4. You are confusing pole shift with pole wandering.

        And how will an magnetic pole shift influence electricity?

    3. A pole shift is a long process that includes a period of randomization of the magnetic field. This slow process has occurred many times in Earth’s history.

      1. Yes, the geologic record shows that magnetic shifts take anywhere from 1,000 to 28,000 years… 7,000 years being the average. BUT. never say never because yah just never know! Yah know?

      2. Actually, we may be headed towards another one of these events (or a minor upset). The pole has moved about far more erratically for the last few decades. Perhaps it will shift more dramatically in the future. I see no reason why this is a major cause for concern though.

        Actually the planet continues to see a warming trend. This is surprising as we are currently in the largest solar minimum on record. I expected to see a much more significant leveling off of the warming trend. It has slowed, but certainly not reversed!

        Come 2020, we should see the end of the solar minimum. I’m interested to see how that will effect global climate.

  8. “Sadly some people will swallow anything and pass it forward as Truth from on high. ”

    C’est gastronomique

  9. What NASA(actually Don Yeoman, Phill Plait,,..) says:
    Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims. If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth in 2012, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye.
    I-Pavel Smutny say:
    Nibiru according ancient sources is very small but very heavy, superdensty body, something like neutron star or mini black hole,…. Nibiru is such way described, depicted in, ancient texts, paintings,…,, and in others.
    Nibiru, like many comets is so visible only close to perihelia and so magnitude is going rapidly up probably only when X is closer than Band of asteroids, so only some months before perihelia,..
    I think that only detector of cosmic particles Milagro/Los Alamos was actually tracking Nibiru, but project,…was canceled by government after publication of results of survay on the end of 2008.
    End of Maya calendar in this year is also witht coincidence with rare astronomical phenomena like Venus transit, Jupiter’s aphelia, maxima of Solar cycle,….all bigger planetoids behind Pluto and Pluto too are somehow very close to their perihelia or aphelia,…Don, please give me response to my proofs,…Pavel Smutny

    1. Sigh…
      If Nibiru was as dense as you want to claim, then it would have gravitational influence over inter-solar bodies long ago. A neutron star or “mini black hole”? Just stop. It would have to be between Mars and the asteroid belt by now and all manner of space rock would be flinging in all directions from its gravity.

      As for the Mayan calendar reference, their math and charting was astounding. It is all the crap that modern man want to throw in to suit their current book or blog that ruins it.

      I’m guessing your DVR is filled with reruns of Ancient Aliens and Doomsday Preppers.

    2. Coincidences and intentially fluffy claims that are intended to make those less knowledgable about the univers believe Niburu is actually a possibility.

      But its just crap, just as your claims. Dont you feel ashamed for making such crap claims?

  10. So,..when you look at sky map with actuall relative positions of comets heading toward Earth
    you see the most of them, the brightest ones flying to us from area right to Orion, to Pleiades, Hyades,…positions like hot spots from Milagro cosmic ray survay for spring equinoxes,…I don’t see Nibiru,…till now, or any other astronomer till now, probably…but it doesn’t mean that X isn’t over there,….there are many unvisible or nearly unvisible objects, fields,..what but exist,..Nibiru doesn’t look to be clasical categorised object like jovian, terrestrial planet, or brown dwarf star,…what are objects with quite big dimensions. Nibiru but could be core of destroyed brown dwarf star,…or rest after collisions of star, of neutron star with black hole,…?! who knows.

    1. Or is just made up fantasy. Just because someone thinks a cake is floating somewhere out towards Orion, doesn’t mean it exists.

  11. 1: It is TERRIBLY sad that this video even needs to be made.
    2: The ones who would benefit the MOST from this are the ones who would dismiss it as false propaganda.
    3: NICE CATCH Daniel!

  12. I agree with Daniel Fischer that there is not serious interest of NASA scientiests for Maya calendar or for any other historical, geological,.. proofs for existance of Nibiru or for to find what realy caused quite periodical global changes on this Earth. I tried to discuss, consult with some of they experts this problematics but nearly not interest from their side was there. I collected solid proofs for existance of Niburu, what caused regular global changes from ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Sumerian, Biblical sources. There are also serious proofs for existance of hi tech Atlantean civilisation what was also destructed by waters of flood,..If Nibiru is superdensty and so small body with dimensions like comet, so what long periodic comet is seen longer time than some months before it’s perihelia,…? Nearly no one. They say that Nibiru should change orbits of planets during it’s arrival to perihelia. Yes, Nibiru changes orbits partly, but that change is greater mainly after crossing perihelia. Look on Jupiter, for example this heavy planet is changing orbit of Earth? Jupiter is here all our time and Nibiru is among planets only some years and many hundreed years before and after perihelia is far away,…

  13. Hi Scott Nichols, my proofs are results of 10 years long research. Main sources were astronomical Senmut’s map, Dendera zodiac, Markisa Tai funeral banner, which I decoded, parly also Narmer and other ancient egyptian paletten, biblical sources,.results of GISP2, VOSTOK projects, results of researches in Ands, China, of Milagro cosmic rays survey,…

    1. These sources do not qualify.

      Again, blog postings are not empirical research. The blog format is geared to general thoughts and musings. Thus, it is no more a source of reliable information then a good campfire story.

      Zodiac and other astrological stuff is a mythological in nature. It has nothing to do with the pursuit of scientific knowledge. It is not relevant.

      Personal research does not qualify unless published in a peer-reviewed journal. An interpretation of some myth-historical Chinese artifact is not relevant to UT. Same with Egyptian. This belongs at a history site or a site that studies ancient cultures.

      Bible references belong on a theology/philosophy/history website. Again, not relevant.

    2. I think i can see the problem here…

      You didnt spend any time learning physics, and that is why you fall into the claptrap of believing nonsense. Educate yourself, set your mind free…

      1. I studied Phys. 5 years on university,..and made lot of simulations of our sol. system with presence of Nibiru an with more distant Nemesis. Did you do only one such 1 simulation for example in Winorsa,..I supose no, so don’t be more st. how are you,.. I can tell that nobody from NASA,..made simulations of our sol. system with presence of Nibiru and more distant Nemesis. I tried masses of Nibiru from 5-25 Jupiter masses,..and till 20 Jupiters it was quite successful to find prooper orbit what didn’t destruct orbits of indoor, outdoor …planets. I tried various inclinations, excentricities,..time points,…too,.. and what tried mainstream experts from NASA?

      2. There is no Niburu massed planet within 100 pluto distances, because that would show as gravitational disturbances on Uranus, Neptune & all the dwarf planets in the kuiper belt. And there are no unaccounted large disturbances present. And if there is one now at 100 pluto distances, it would be several 100 years (maybe even 1000’s, i didnt calculate it) before it arrived to the inner solarsystem.

        Not only that, but a 5-25Mjupiter massed object on a 3600 year orbit that brings it close to the inner planets would completely destabilize the solarsystem over just a few orbits, that we even have a somewhat orderly solarsystem is evidence against your claims. You posting here is evidence against your own claims!

        But before you claimed it was a neutron star or a black hole, now you claim it is a super-jupiter (brown dwarf, ergo not a neutron star or black hole), and you also earlier claimed it will behave like a comet (ergo not a neutron star, black hole or brown dwarf). This is just delusional stuff that you (or someone else with similar lack of understanding) has made up. How many more changes will you go through before realising you are simply just making things up? Because most of us already realise you are making stuff up.

        Learn some basic physics and stop inhaling/ingesting/injecting whatever that stuff is…

  14. Dear Don, said that blogs, personal web pages are not relevalent sources of wisdom, knowledge. I tryed to publish articles in official, peer-reviewed journals. When articles were not connecting on so called mysterious,….topics so everything was O.K. When, but I tried publish non mainstream articles so those articles were rejected due to not positive mood in headquarters of journals,…without prooper reasons. So, I placed my researches better on my web pages like,….Only Mike Brown wanted to consult some discoveries,…he was looking for dark objects in proposed sky areas,..I think and it was prooved that those by me proposed areas were places of discoveries of planetoids,…and are also potential places for discovery of X or of other objests like planetoids, planets, asteroids, comets,….Pavel

    1. Marlon,..did you try to do any simulation of our solar system with presence of Nibiru, or more distan Nemesis? I can tell quite sure that not. I studied physics 5 years on university,..and you,..? probably only on secondary school,…

      1. PavelSmutny,…mayans never had any idea of physics 5 but they did the astonishing, an almost perfect calendar with phases of the moon and planet venus. sadly, europeans particularly the spanish colonizers destroyed almost everything about them. thanks to the internet, we now enjoy technology and information long suppressed by intelligent scientists and knowledgable astronomers…

  15. There was situation twenty, ten years ago, when mainstream scientiests persuaded public, that there is nothing comparable, or even bigger than Pluto minimum to distance 100AU from Sun. Only some astronomers didn’t want to believe. Mike Brown with team, maybe Dave Jewitt and comp. Results are Eris, Sedna,….Maybe or probably those red Bauval’s Mystery of Orion, or Sitchin’s 12th planet,..or some my articles too,..and started to search where ancient gods-planets were coming from or to, Orion,…

    1. Your post is inaccurate. “Mainstream” scientists never attempted to persuade the public that there is nothing comparable, or even bigger than Pluto minimum to distance 100 AU from Sun. This was simply the status quo of knowledge regarding the organization of the solar system at the time.

      It is not so much a question of “belief”, as it is a question of science. Jewitt, Lu, Brown and their teams were brilliant, curious, hard-working, and persistent. For their efforts, they made wonderful discoveries and gained new knowledge. The KBO revolution. A revolution based in new facts, not fantasy.

      Stop mixing up your home-grown space-fiction with science and astronomy.

  16. Even if the Calendar were a prediction of some sort, our understanding of where we are in that calendar is a wild guess, and likely off by as much as 50 years.

    Then again, Americans ARE the stupidest people in the world.

  17. i wish it would happen in the form of zombies.
    the apocalypse won’t happen though.
    and my least favorite theory is nibiru. It’s stupid. COMPLETELY.

  18. Why was my comment about geomagnetic storms having real posibility of causing serious issue for modern electronic society pulled?

    Too real for you?

    That’s ok – keep believing the dumbed-down horse dookies being fed us…. I’m switching off for now… Good luck and godspeed.

    ps. If the answer is “off topic,” please read the headline!

      1. Enjoy the forms then Ivanman – I shall take my ramblings elsewhere thanks.
        Subject: [universetoday] Re: Still Concerned About 2012?

      2. Also no need to act supercilious – I had a close look and can’t see a link to the forum posting policy anywhere on this page so I am not sure where you got the quoted sentence?

        Anyway – maybe you could have a look at:

        There are some pretty well-educated and well informed people raising valid issues about what may happen if a geomagnetic storm causes prolonged blackout (like in USA in 1921 and Quebec in 1989) and what that might mean for Nuclear Power Plants dependent on the grid…

        Please don’t censor this one.

      3. The quoted sentence (linked) is at the second bullet, after “Be brief”, in the indented section of the second paragraph. As for the full BAUT forum rules, they can be found here.

      4. Ummm, this is UT not BAUT…
        I got the Bad Astronomy digg – Way to go to a new level of condescention…
        If you read Frasers post of 2009 you would have noticed this “bullet” –>
        Be nice – Don’t abuse other readers, the writers, or the Universe in general. Don’t swear, make racist or sexist comments, etc. I think you know when you’re being rude. Stop it.

        Anyway, why don’t you lighten up ?

        You really make me feel like Spicoli in this scene

        Now I can understand why other forum users have flamed you in the past…

      5. There used to be a link to the comment policy on UT, but it disappeared for some reason when UT switched from the WordPress to the Disqus comment system.

        As for being condescending, that was not my intention; unfortunately, emoticons don’t work on the Disqus system.

      6. Actually Ivan3Man – I had a really hard two weeks and don’t take it personally… I actually just got your dry sense of humour 😉 I guess everyone else here with comments longer than 6 sentences should not have posted either.

        UT authors and Board moderators please take note – when you censor counter view-points to the NASA aristocracy without a fair explanation, you risk losing long-time readers such as myself. I challenge you to look at the original post and find any loony-bin 2012er stuff or bad intention there…

        Censorship really makes my stomach churn more than the 2012 crazies..

      7. Your original post did not have any “loony-bin 2012er stuff”, but it was 3840 characters (671 words) long – anything over 3000 characters for a comment is considered excessive!

        “Brevity is the sister of talent” – Anton Chekhov

      8. If you do get time to read the link below, in particular, for the more sciency here, I have grabbed an excerpt from that page:

        quoting agapemom :
        Did you read the report from the National Academy of Science that I listed above?

        Here are some pictures of transformers damaged by a solar event:…rtagh_SpWx.pdf

        This paper might help you understand the concern:…papers/445.pdf

      9. ps. the goal of my original comment and subsequent replies was to hopefully generate some discussion and hopefully some might filter up to decision makers so that our electrical infrastructure is hardened against CMEs and GIC. And not simply dismissed.

        I do not wish to add to the 2012 hysteria which I find as annoying as any other logical thinker.

        I just want to point out that it is not helpful or productive for NASA to come out with these dismissive articles (about 2012 end of world conspiracy theories) without covering all bases (and geomagnetic storms and our vulnerable grid and the intersecting solar Max is one uncovered base).
        Perhaps it is unwise to simply dismiss out of hand the (possible) predictions of a civilization that was far advanced for their time in science and astronomy (the Mayans). And by the way I am not just talking about the end of the cycle of the Mayan calendar – there are scientists who uncovered writings in current day Mexico describing this era as a time of ‘earth changes’ – one can research on the Interweb.



  19. Magnus, you have probably lack of wisdom from history of astronomy. Nearly all astronomers since 19th century were searching for Planet X. Even Pluto was found due to disproportions in orbit of Neptune, on place where X had to be! And Pluto according calculations had to be much much heavier object.

  20. Magnus, I didnt say that Nibiru is brown star but maybe it is core of brown star,…and it is diametral difference. Nibiru from descriptions, depictions of ancient sources had to be smll but very heavy 5-25 Jupiters,…something like neutron star, mini black hole, but not neutron star, black hole according clasical astronomical tables, lists,….so don’t change my words, clsaims. I would like to see NASA’s simulations with Nibiru,…probably there are no,…I made lot sim. and places also data for those on webs 5 years ago,..

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