Virtual Star Party – Feb. 8, 2012

Here was the virtual star party that we held last night on Google+. We’ve actually been holding 1-2 of these star parties every week as we figure out the best way to organize and coordinate all the telescopes streaming into the Hangout. I don’t normally post them all on Universe Today, but last night was particularly special, with amazing views of the Rosette Nebula approximately one hour into the broadcast. A big thanks to Gary Gonella for sharing his telescope view with us.

If you’re interested in watching future livestreamed telescope virtual star parties, make sure you circle me on Google+.

4 Replies to “Virtual Star Party – Feb. 8, 2012”

  1. Big improvement that Fraser Cain hid his big microphone. Just put the webcam at least at eye level or higher and it is perfect 🙂 The low angle makes it a bit creepy.

    Dr. Pamela Gay. is so wonderful and joyfull to see how she explain complex stuff in such a wonderful way that you can’t stop watching. her camera and lightning is just perfect.

    I do not want to upgrade to Google+ since I want a mail account that shields me from SPAM and nutcases (by obscuring my real name). But when I see this, I am tempting.

  2. I’m gay for Pamela. So, come out of the closet and like this message, so we can break the record.

    Peace, love and telescope.

    And yeah, who doesn’t like Rosette Nebula, that’s just astronomy porn.

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