Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 26, 2012

Another edition of our weekly space hangout. This week we talked about a week of space remembrance, solar storms, Newt’s plans for a 2020 lunar base, arsenic and old news, black holes and their galaxies and the death of Phobos-Grunt.

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3 Replies to “Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 26, 2012”

  1. a) UNIVERSE, but if we are one of various MULTIVERSEs then we should call it OURVERSE, more we could have the VERSEs (of matter) and the REVERSEs (of antimatter). Am I crazy ?
    b) If the “Verses” (all of them?) are “plane” (an infinite sheet of paper), how “thick” (light years) is this “plane”?
    c) Say: the Big Bang is the result of the shock of 2 (uni)VERSES, but then … where are these VERSES imbeded in ? (Dark matter ohohoh)

  2. Thanks for the update(s) and WAY double extra groovy cool pod casting! I’m liking the ‘getting to know you’ style. LOOK! New stars! Yasssss…..

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