Astronomy Cast – Episode 248: Carina Constellation

Time for another detailed look at a constellation; one of the most fascinating in the sky, but hidden to most of the northern hemisphere: Carina. Home to one of the most likely supernova candidates we know of: Eta Carinae. Let’s talk just about this constellation, how to find it, and what you can discover in and around it.

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2 Replies to “Astronomy Cast – Episode 248: Carina Constellation”

  1. The podcast feed is still showing ep #245 as the latest one. Will that be updated soon? I know that the videos are nice, but the audio-only feeds are really nice since I love being able to just listen to AstronomyCast in my car while driving to/from work… it is so much better to listen to you guys (than to listen to the local radio)….

    1. As Fraser and Pamela say in the video, the ultimate plan is to record the audio in a Google + Hangout and within a week have the audio posted on the Astronomy Cast website as a podcast. The finished audio version takes longer because of the editing, and we’re still working out the logistics and timing. But that’s the goal. Look for a new podcast on AC soon — but we’ve also had some AC website issues that are being corrected.

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