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Virtual Star Party with Stuart Forman – Jan. 11th, 2012

I organized three astronomers on Wednesday, but only one had clear skies: Stuart Forman. We got some great views of Jupiter, and attempted a few other objectives. We were joined by Phil Plait, Gary Gonella and Mike Phillips, to showcase some of the recent photos they’ve taken and to talk about gear.

If you want to participate in a future Hangout, please let me know. You just need the ability to display live images or video from your telescope into your computer. From there we can get your view into the Hangout. If you want to participate, please drop me an email at And if you want to be notified when future virtual star parties are happening, circle me on Google+.

[/caption] Here’s a photograph of Jupiter that Stuart created based on the video he captured during the hangout. He stacked the video frames together using a software tool called Registax.

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