Weekly Space Roundup

Announcing Our Weekly Live Video Space Hangouts

Article written: 4 Jan , 2012
Updated: 26 Apr , 2016

Thanks to the power of Google+ Hangouts on Air, we’re now able broadcast live video hangouts with a worldwide audience.

We’re planning to run these Hangouts on a regular schedule, live on Google+. We’ll post a link when the Hangout is about to begin, but if you want to get notified, make sure you circle Fraser Cain on Google+ – then you’ll see the Hangout in your stream when it has begun.

You don’t need to be a member of Google+ to watch them, we’ll post a public link when we’re getting started here, on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll post the completed videos to Youtube after the fact.

I’ve put a countdown timer over on the right-hand side of Universe Today, so you can see time until the next video hangout.

We currently have two weekly “shows” planned, with more to come:

Weekly Space Roundup – Thursdays at 10:00am PST

Once a week, we’ll pull together the combined space reporting power of Universe Today, Bad Astronomy, MSNBC, Planetary Society, Discovery.com and other space news outlets to give you an overview of what’s going on… out there.

Join a random collection of space journalists, including Nancy Atkinson, Alan Boyle, Fraser Cain, Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci, Emily Lakdawalla, Ian O’Neill, Phil Plait (and other bonus guests) for a weekly roundup of space news.

We’ll update you on the week’s big space news stories and provide our expert analysis. Since this is live, you’ll be able to participate in the conversation, asking questions to our team.

Astronomy Cast Live – Time to be determined

Watch Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay record Astronomy Cast as a live Google+ Hangout. Then join us after the show for an actual hangout. We’ll chat with fans about the topic we discussed and answer general space and astronomy questions.

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  1. I love this! I hope it keeps going strong (and I hope to be able to get in sometime. Wow, it’s been popular)

  2. Sean Ivester says

    did anyone else click the play button on the screenshot? #whoops

  3. Anonymous says

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    He is so freaken amazing looking- geez louise!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I’m gushing-lol

  4. Matt says

    This is awesome! Maybe you could get Neil Degrasse Tyson on the show sometime too, and bring on some research scientists.

  5. Lord Haw-Haw. says

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  6. Anonymous says


  7. Member
    Anonymous says

    After MONTHS of friends of mine clawing and scratching to get me to join G+, this SINGLE entity had me clamor to create a profile! Kudos UT!! I’m there!

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