Another Stunning Image of Comet Lovejoy by Colin Legg


It’s been one more day since Colin Legg posted his previous amazing photos and videos of Comet Lovejoy. This new version is even better, especially with it reflecting off the water.

Here’s what Colin had to say about it on IceinSpace:

Had another lovely view of the comet last night wandering the shore of the Estuary. It’s quite unique down there. The Perth and Mandurah sky domes light up the northern half of the sky, while the east and south east are pitch black (except for a couple of small towns). The north glow is enough to walk by once dark adapted.

Anyway, while wandering I came across a small embayment with still water and nice reflections of the comet. Used the same settings as last night to get the attached shot.

Check out some of Colin’s videos over on Vimeo.

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  1. When was the photo taken? Was it with in the past few days?
    Would like to know to see if it is view able from the Northern Hemisphere (West Coast of USA).

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