Here’s How to Get the Most out of Google+

As you probably know, I’m extremely active on Google+, and I think you’ll really enjoy it too. But I think people don’t realize how much the service really has to offer. People set up a Google+ account, don’t see any of their friends there, and then abandon it. The trick is that you need to circle really interesting people. Suddenly, your stream will fill with amazing content and compelling conversations – you’ll be hooked… like me.

Don’t worry that your friends aren’t on Google+. We’re there, and we’re more interesting.

And just to sweeten the deal, remember that we record every episode Astronomy Cast as a live Google+ Hangout. And now I’ve got access to Google+ Hangouts on Air, so we’ll be doing more live space and astronomy discussions, like the one we did yesterday with Phil Plait, Alan Boyle, Nancy Atkinson, and Emily Lakdawalla.

So let me help make this really easy for you with 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up a free profile on Google+. Already done that? Skip this step.
  2. Import my science circle, filled with 200+ active science journalists, bloggers and enthusiasts
  3. Import my space circle, filled with 100+ bloggers, space agencies, and even an astronaut

At this point you should have 300+ amazing people to follow with very interesting conversations, you’ll be notified when we’re recording new Hangouts, and you can chat with me, Phil and most of the Universe Today team.

Here’s a great video that explains more about how to do this.

P.S. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not getting compensated by Google+. 🙂

7 Replies to “Here’s How to Get the Most out of Google+”

  1. Very nice, I like Google Plus a bunch, I do wish it would get more popular but its a nice niche site.

  2. Cool! Thanks very much for doing all of this. Also more video chats on youtube please. You could put Astronomy Cast on there and then it would become more and more popular. Good luck and Happy Christmas (:

    1. We’ve been doing Google Hangouts for Astronomy Cast for almost 6 months now. And now I’ve got access to Hangouts on Air, so we’ll be able to take things to the next level.

  3. Thank you! I imported both Space and Science circles. Now I hope I will have enough time to read all the good articles that come to me 🙂

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