More Radio Shows to Listen To

A mentioned a few months ago that I always tune a couple of science radio programs through the Internet: CBC’s Quirks and Quarks, and NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday. Since then, I’ve turned up a few more shows to listen to on a regular basis. One is, which has dedicated streams just for space and astronomy. Another is the science programs on BBC Radio 4 which have been nicely archived for your listening pleasure. And Australia’s ABC has The Science Show.

My new favorite, however, is The Space Show, hosted by Dr. David Livingston. Each program is a 90-minute interview with a space scientist or advocate. I’m astonished and jealous at the caliber of guests Dr. Livingston has been able to get to interview. Give it a listen.

Do you have any other suggestions for radio shows to listen to? Send them in… I’m all ears.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today