Google+ Space Bloggers

I’ve decided I’m going to be the official curator for the list of space bloggers/reporters/researchers on Google+. My current list only contains about 35 people, so it’s missing lots of people. Tyson? Cox? If you’re not on Google+, I can’t get you on the list. And Google+ is free for anyone to join.

So, if you’re a space blogger, and you’re not on Google+, take a second, register and then email me or somehow communicate that you’re on Google+.

If you’re a writer for Universe Today and you’re not on Google+. I’m at a loss for words. 😉

I’m sharing this list every week or so with the people who have me circled, and people are reporting hundreds of new followers every time I share it.

Here’s my Google+ profile. And here’s a link to my recent share of space bloggers.

Did I mention we record every episode of Astronomy Cast as a Google+ hangout? so you can watch us record, ask us questions, and even correct our stupid mistakes, live as we record.