NASA Rejects that the Space Station is Dangerous

NASA has rejected a warning from the outgoing members of its Aerospace Safety Advisory panel that the International Space Station is an “accident, waiting to happen.” Space station manager William Gerstenmaier said on Monday that all the teams working on the station need to have focus and attention to detail, but it’s not seriously dangerous. The safety panel pointed out that the battery pack on the station could accidentally vent into the station, which would be catastrophic – NASA acknowledged it was a risk and the Russians will be providing a safer battery design.


One Reply to “NASA Rejects that the Space Station is Dangerous”

  1. Any space endeavor has dangers. For NASA to deny this, is their standard MO. NASA has denied dangers, even one’s which have gotten people killed. And we do what. Continue giving them money better suited for a private, space endeavor with civilian oversight.

    The lies of NASA are so extreme and so unblelievable!

    NASA should be disbanded, and replaced with a space program that isn’t cloaked in secrecy and lies!! And let’s not forget, an organization that can be birthed with honest americans heading it rather than NAZI rocket scientists, and mind control experts.

    See project paperclip…

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