Reports of a Bright Meteor over Southwestern US

Just a quick post here, I’m hearing reports that there was a really bright fireball (meteor) across Arizona, Nevada and California.

I would really love to see pictures or video. Did anyone capture it? Email me at [email protected]

  • Eyewitnesses are saying it was brighter than the full Moon, and cast shadows.
  • People have seen it from Phoenix to San Diego

Update: Here’s a picture. Not great.

Update: Another image.

Update: Good coverage from the LA Times.

Update: Here’s an account from UT reader Renee:

I sure wish I had a camera ready. I saw it… It was so bright the light caught my eye and caused me to look up as I was walking my dogs, right about 7:42-45 p.m. AZ / Pacific time.

It was bright blue/turquoise, seemed to brighten now and then (I had the impression it perceptibly lit the dark field and hillside I was near), with an orangish trail, and pieces breaking off, also orangish. WOW. It was very bright and lasted quite a long time.

I have witnessed two other fireballs in my life. One of them I saw (about 25 years ago) also could be heard. I didn’t hear anything with this one, even though it was so very intensely bright. It was so bright I didn’t even know what it could be at first; my immediate thought before I had it straight in my sight was someone set off a firework.

Sure made up for all the nights of sitting outside hoping to see a falling star. 🙂

I reported it here: I hope you would direct others to report their sightings there too. If you know of other places that collect info, please let me know.

Sure hope someone got a pic. I called my hubby and kids to tell them (wish they’d been with me!); would love to show them what I got to witness!

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  1. Dang… I wish I’d seen this! On the video the reporter states that there were TWO ‘fireballs’, some 15 minutes apart. I hadn’t heard that until now… I wonder if the tracks across the sky were from/in the same angle?

  2. I like the quote from the LA Times article: “No one should be concerned,” he said. “We basically ran it over.” 😀

  3. I saw one in Banning Ca. yesterday 09/13/11.
    It looked like a firework shooting sideways across the sky that just died out instead of exploding. Wasn’t sure what to think of it.

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