New Areas in the Forum

I’ve added a couple of new areas to the Universe Today Forums which I think will be pretty helpful. The first is a Totally Off-Topic area where people can yack about stuff that has nothing to do with space and astronomy. Hopefully that will keep the rest of the forums purely about space.

A more useful area, however, is “Questions and Answers“. If you’ve got a nagging question about space or a current mission, go ahead and ask it here. People in the forum will try and help you out, and I’ll also be submitting the really tough questions to experts in space and astronomy so we can help get to the bottom of this for you.

Come and join us!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

P.S. Thanks to the overwhelming number of you who replied to my last email. There’s definitely an email delay to some of you. I’m working with my hosting provider to get to the bottom of this.