Check Out These Great “Minute Physics” Animations

Article written: 12 Sep , 2011
Updated: 14 Jan , 2016

Why haven’t I ever seen this before? Check out these awesome short Youtube videos on physics.

Here’s a video on what is fire?

There are videos on distance and special relativity, quantum tunneling, and more.

Thanks for making them Henry!

And thanks to Tom Eigelsbach for pointing them out.

5 Responses

  1. Hi,

    the link for “Henry” is faulty.

  2. Hi,

    the link for “Henry” is faulty.

  3. Anonymous says

    In the last frame, the rocket engine is thrusting, so the flame should point in the direction of the rocket’s nose, rather than round as shown. Just sayin’

  4. Anonymous says

    (Well, the dude is also sitting on the outside of the rocket, but that’s poetic license.)

  5. Anonymous says

    I looked at all of these. With the one on quantum waves I am not so sure I entirely like the analogue with the dust particle in a drop. This has some merit to it, but this deBroglie-Bohm approach to QM (an interpretation) has limitations.


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