Farewell Mars

It’s been a couple of days since Mars made its closest approach so it’s time for the news media to completely and utterly forget about it and move onto something new. The reality, though, is that Mars is going to remain bright and close for several months. It’ll still incredible in many small telescopes well into September and even October. Even better than that, it will be visible higher in the sky at earlier times. Instead of waiting for it to rise through the murk at the horizon, you can just wait until it gets dark and then, bang, there it is.

If you tried to attend an event, I know everywhere was busy. I’ve heard stories of two-hour lineups just for a chance to look through a telescope. Yikes. Some astronomy clubs have chosen to organize their events in September, so take another look at my list of Mars 2003 events.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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