Google+ Invites

Hi everyone, Google+ has given me 150 invites I can use to hand out to people. You should be able to just click this link and sign up for the service if you want:

We’ve been having a lot of fun with Google+, including recording live episodes of Astronomy Cast, Universe Today hangouts, and more. So… join!

Let me know when the invites run out and I’ll try to get more.

Update: A reader gave me another 150 invites, so try these next.

P.S… don’t forget to add me to one of your circles. 🙂

25 Replies to “Google+ Invites”

  1. thanks a lot, have availed myself of your kind offer;have been feeling left out..!

  2. Thanks a lot!

    + My firefox browser can’t choose other accounts in ‘Post as…’
    I’m leaving this comment via IE.

  3. Thanks for the invite. Any suggestions on people to follow for science posts? I want to create a Science circle

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your invites! I’ve seen so many people freely give out their invites. Just love our giving community!

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