Ultrasound is the Coolest Thing Ever

My wife and I went for our second ultrasound last week to see how our second child is coming along. We were originally booked into a terrible ultrasound clinic (we’d been there before) but we begged our midwife to get us into a place that would treat us a little better, so we ended up at a hospital without a maternity ward – they never get a chance to look at babies. We ended up giving the ultrasound technicians a welcome break from the more boring stuff they usually have to look at. They spent almost an hour with us, examining our next baby in detail; showing us the face, the heart, and every little part of the body. If you’ve never watched an ultrasound before, I can’t recommend it enough. A static photo doesn’t do justice to the little images you see of your unborn child squirming around in the womb.

Oh yeah… we’re having a boy. 🙂

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

P.S. I’m headed away for vacation on Friday and won’t be back until Tuesday afternoon so there’ll be a little break in the news.